My Memories Of Amsterdam

I visited you, Amsterdam,
Many moons ago
And I still remember
Your outstanding
Van Gogh Museum
Displaying hundreds
Of eye-catching works of art
The spectacular view
Of your traditional windmills
Your remarkable outdoor markets
Fabulous diamond factories
Bikes in abundance everywhere
Awesome small cafes
Serving mouth-watering
Broodjes-Dutch sandwiches
And creamy cappuccinos
Street musicians playing
Saxophone and accordion
Their sounds of melodies
Deeply touching the travelers
Misty winds from the beach
Walking down your streets
The picturesque Amstel River
Glamorous canals
And a boat ride
The charming skinny
Magere Brug Bridge
Indeed you are
The Venice of the North
Where the land and river
Live in total harmony

Copyright © Irfanulla Shariff